Granite Countertop Care & Maintenance

When it comes to countertops, granite is always among the most popular choices, and for good reason – it has a rich beauty and sheen that few other materials can match and is extremely durable. They’ll add take an already high-quality kitchen to the next level and can even become the centerpiece of the room!


As a natural stone, granite countertops are one of the hardest materials on the planet, making them extremely durable. It’s so strong you can use sharp knives to cut foods right on the surface (although that could dull the blades on your knives quickly). Because they’re formed by heat and pressure deep within the Earth, granite is incredibly heat resistant and will not scorch if hot plates, pans, or pots are set directly on it. It’s also resistant to cracking, scratching, and chipping so it’ll look just as good as new years after installation under normal use.

Care & Maintenance

For how durable it is, granite countertops don’t require much care and maintenance. Granite doesn’t require any special cleaning cloth – a simple sponge or soft cloth will do the job well – but it’s best to use a specially formulated cleaner made specifically for granite countertops when wiping up a mess. For small spills though, hot water will do fine.

Like with most countertops, any spill of an acidic liquid like coffee, wine, fruit juices, soda, or tomato sauce should be wiped up as soon as possible otherwise there is the potential for staining. Cooking oils could also leave a stain if not cleaned up. You don’t have to use coasters for drinks, but it’s a good habit to have.

While granite is extremely durable, it’s best to use a cutting board and not cut directly on the granite. This actually isn’t to protect the countertop, it’s to keep your knives sharp because cutting against the granite can quickly dull the blades.

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