Products to use on your granite countertop

Although many common household cleaning products will claim to be “multi-use” on the label, they should never be used on your natural stone counters. Cleaners like these will dull the professional finish on granite, marble, quartz, and all other natural stone countertops, leaving it much more vulnerable to staining and etching that can lead to costly repairs or a total replacement. Thankfully there exist numerous natural stone cleaners alongside polishers and sealers, but what does each do? When do you use each? And do you really need all three? Read on to find out!

What does a good natural stone cleaner do?

Natural stone cleaners are your go-to for normal cleaning or whenever you need to mop up a large spill. As the name suggests, they’re specially formulated for cleaning natural stone safely and effectively without leaving any streaks or damaging the finish. You can even use them daily without worrying about damaging your beautiful stone countertops! Make sure to grab a cleaner that is specific to your type of stone though, as different types exist for granite, marble, soapstone, et cetera.

What does a good natural stone polish do?

To give your counters a bright sheen and truly show off their natural beauty, polish is the way to go. You’ll always want to apply polish after cleaning for a streak-free shine that’ll fight fingerprints, watermarks, and more. Natural stone polish can also be used to fight soap scum and other build-ups if you have natural stone features in or around bathtubs and showers.

What does a good natural stone sealer do?

Some may consider sealers optional, but they’re a great way to protect against stains, etching, and general buildup of the dirt and grime your counters are exposed to on a daily basis. Sealers work by creating a protective barrier that’ll prevent oils, acids, and moisture from seeping into the stone and damaging it. This barrier also gives you more time to clean up spills before the liquid percolates into the stone itself.

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